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North Coast Sailing Singles (NCSS) is a nonprofit organization of  approximately 150 single men and women drawn together by a common interest in boating and having fun.  Our skippers have boats docked on the  shores of Lake Erie from Cleveland's East 55 to Sandusky Bay and participate in evening sails, day sails, weekend sails, and an annual regatta.

NCSS offers a variety of social events year round and focuses on boating events that promote safety and fun on the water.  We welcome singles with all levels of boating experience, from novice sailors to seasoned skippers.  Boat owners (sail or power) looking for cruising or racing crew will find an enthusiastic group of individuals ready to sail at the hoist of a jib or the turn of a key.

Is NCSS for me?  If you are single and enjoy being out on the water, whether you're a seasoned boater or have never sailed but would like to try, then NCSS is for you.  Don't let Lake Erie's short sailing season slip away. NCSS will get you on the water! Check us out by joining us as a guest at our next general membership meeting.

If you have any questions about our club feel free to e-mail us.


At a Glance


Happy New Year!

What a wonderful Holiday season!  Hugs, kisses and laughter with family and friends! Some of our lucky members took off for the sunshine on cruises and beach destinations to start the new year.  I hope whatever you chose brought you glorious holiday joy.

So are you ready for the new year?  This is the time of year to plan your year of adventures and achieving personal goals.  Some folks will write out their year goals, some have new year resolutions, many begin preparation for potential changes that will unfold.  What have you envisioned in this transition year? – a shiny new boat?

The 2017 board is looking for many “shiny new boats”.  We are so serious about it that we announced a member incentive during the December 21st general meeting.   We will award $100 American Express gift card to a member that brings a new NCSS skipper to the club.    We know that having a full fleet will offer all our members a chance to enjoy the waters of Lake Erie.  If you know someone that is single, over 21, always searching for crew, and would enjoy the company and activities offered by this club, this is your chance to create a win-win for everyone!   Check the newsletter for more details.

January 2016, the board sent out surveys to the membership to hear your feelings about the club.  We resoundingly confirmed that this club’s mission is as a “boating club with social activities”.  So to close out the 2016 season, the board reviewed the member participation during the 2016 Day and Evening sails.  We were not able to analyze the weekend sails due to missing data.  Here’s what we observed about our members  

  • o    61% of our members participated in Day and Evening boating events.    We feel this statistic would be higher if the weekend sails data was included. Interesting, the majority of the member participation came from those joining before 2002 or after 2015.  Hopefully, we will collect comprehensive statistics for 2017.
  • o    Members start the season like gang busters, filling the boats in June but wane off in September leaving many open crew positions.  We wondered if this is caused when our members get busy the with the kids’ school activities in September.
  • o    Almost as many members sailed over 10 times as sailed one time and these extremes demonstrated the bulk of the member participation.  So members either loved to sail and did it often, or ventured out only once or twice.
  • o    All but 1 member that took the education, went on to sail the Day and Evening sails – a very successful statistic of the education program. We expected our new members to participate in the education, but we had nearly as much participation from our seasoned members as new members.  We are excited about providing this to our members so we will be expanding the program in 2017.

I would love to hear your thoughts on these statistics or other thoughts to improve the club.  This club is your club.  We want to know what you want most.   Drop me or anyone one on the 2017 board an email message. 

We look forward to seeing you all at the January General Meeting at Cleveland Yacht Club.         


Respectively submitted,


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